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Retail stores come in all types and sizes but successful retailers who thrive in this diverse and challenging industry all have one thing in common: they know the importance of exceeding their customers' expectations. At Bethel Shopfitting World we specialise in shop equipment and shop supplies and we are proud to offer retailers a complete service that provides value , choice, and customer focus.


We have sourced the globe to find shop equipment and shop supplies that offer the best value: good design, high quality materials and premium finishes at unbeatable prices. Because we work closely with our overseas manufacturers on our shop supplies and shop equipment, we are confident that our factory-direct prices offer considerable savings without compromising on quality.


We stock shop supplies, products and shop equipment that meets the needs of all types of retail outlet. Our products come in a variety of designs and finishes, from robust industrial racking for hardware stores to sleek minimalist styles for fashion stores. We can cater for retailers seeking economical but functional supermarket display solutions, and boutique owners who need secure but stylish glass cabinets for small valuable stock like jewellery. In addition to offering shop equipment and fittings that look good and work effectively in the sales and display areas of your store, we can provide shop fittings for backroom storage areas as well as shop supplies like price guns and bag sealers.

Customer focus

We have many years of industry experience and we're always happy to help our customers find the best shop supplies and shopfitting solutions. Our warehouse holds an inventory of more than 300 types of shop supplies and shop equipment that can be despatched within 24 hours of your order. For customers who prefer to experience the style and practical features of our products at first hand, our new showroom at Lansvale is open six days a week. If you need guidance through the process of designing your store we'll visit you on site, discuss your requirements, and deliver and install the shop equipment you choose.

Whether you are designing and fitting out a new store, refreshing the visual appeal of your shop, refit your store room or looking for everyday shop supplies like price tickets or cash register rolls, Bethel Shopfitting World is a one-stop shop that provides a complete, professional service. Check out our products online, visit our showroom, or call our knowledgeable, friendly staff. The choice is yours!

Choosing And Using Shop Equipment

If you own a retail shop, industrial warehouse or need shelving for managing your inventory, choosing custom shop equipment is a wise choice. These items are the racks, cabinets, shelves and other display units that hold the merchandise and sales devices that are needed. It can include items made of glass, wood, man-made materials or metal. Some items are free-standing, others are part of larger integrated systems and may even be semi-permanently attached to floors or walls.

When selecting furnishing and display equipment for your retail or storage space, planning is necessary for several reasons. You should pick furnishings that suit the purpose. This statement may seem obvious, but it is sometimes left out of the planning. For example, a display of metal hardware on glass shelves is asking for breakage and chips. Rough hewn planks may work well for a Western theme, but are inappropriate as a display unit for delicate lingerie.

The units selected should be proportionate to the available space. It is not only less aesthetically appealing, it can be frustrating for customers browsing in a store with aisles that are too narrow. Feeling confined or oppressed by shelving units is likely to reduce the amount of time spent browsing in a store.

You must be sure that valuable items that are displayed are safe, as well as being attractively presented. Expensive jewelry, perfumes and leather goods may be placed behind protective glass, for instance. This allows the goods to be seen, but cannot be handled unnecessarily.

Sometimes selecting the right shop equipment is easily done. Sometimes it may be driven by what is readily available and what is least expensive. Keeping your merchandise and inventory items conveniently and attractively displayed can mean the difference between lagging sales and customers who are comfortable in coming into your facility.