IGA Supermarkets

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IGA is the household name for independent supermarkets under the Metcash umbrella, Bethel Shopfitting World has been proudly selected by Metcash to be their preferred shopfitting and shelving supplier.

We have been supplying the very popular SYS-E Outrigger Supermarket Shelving to many IGA supermarkets in the country.This outrigger system has been manufactured with premium quality and according to the industry standard 470mm depth shelf, with 1100mm footprint for double sided and 585mm footprint for single sided. Customers will have a choice between Chrome Wire Shelves and Solid Steel Shelves. Best advantage with purchase from Bethel Shopfitting World is to avoid leading time as we do keep in stock*. (Please check with us for availability)

Shopfitting products used in below stores are:

SYS-E Outrigger Supermarket Shelving Hammertone Grey

SW710 Express Check Out Counters

SW501 Fresh Produce Bin

Custom Made Outrigger Shelving in Black with Narrow Footprint

We like to extend our appreciation to IGA St Andrews and IGA UNSW for allowing us to use the shop photos here. Thank you and love you guys.