You are guaranteed to have a peace of mind when you are making a purchase at Bethel Shopfitting World.

Our complete services include:


With dimensions of your store, we are dedicated to design shopfitting layout to your specific needs. We take number of factors into consideration, which includes nature of the store, aisle space, lighting and council requirements.


We provide reliable and timely delivery to anywhere in Australia, including all major metropolitan cities and regional towns. Please do not hesitate to ask about our hassle free delivery services.


Professional installation services are available at very reasonable cost. Our crew have extensive experience in the installation of Bethel Shopfitting products. Each crew member is dedicated to provide excellent customer service to ensure that every step in the installation process meets and exceeds your expectations.

However Bethel Shopfitting products are easy to assemble, require no special tools, it is as easy as 123. Self-assemble means not having to pay the cost of someone doing it for you.